Nick is Blind, Married miss his passion

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Nick Laenen from the Blind, is Married to a flight attendant and instructor for the Brussels Airlines. Nick is sitting at home on unemployment and misses out on the fly is huge. “It’s not only my job but also a passion,” reveals Nick in the Family. “I am really looking forward to the return of the aircraft to break up.”
Nick is not afraid to admit that, even before the measures were already in turmoil, was in the airports. “That’s when you could feel all the tension among the passengers,” said Nick.
Nick has always had a strong agenda, and it is not in his side to stay”. In order to keep up, he is going to be a funny video diary to start to keep track that it shares on the TikTok and Instagram. Each day’s post, and Nick is a video of how to get to the quarantine, in a very positive way to get through. A must-visit!