Andy Peelman, angry at the justice

0e940d519655004be30ade7f8d4316be - Andy Peelman, angry at the justice

On Thursday it became known that two of the men found not guilty for the injury of a poltieiagent seven years ago. The offences took place in the village of Houthalen-Helchteren. A cop had a stone of about 1 kg on the head and hit, then the combo against the wall. The man is not at this time, 90% are unable to work. Originally, the offenders have been convicted, but on appeal, the two are acquitted of all charges. A slap in the face to the victims, their families, and colleagues. Also, Andy Peelman doesn’t understand it. “If a man asked me, “do you Miss the police do not have to be hard?” No, NO!”, it is his reaction on Instagram. It’s not the first time that the actor – who, incidentally, also a police officer in the justice out of it.