MANAGEMENT is organising a Day of Laziness

df0fc8c1e6d665d827cb2501e0584892 - MANAGEMENT is organising a Day of Laziness

On the 1st of may is the Celebration of the work, but a lot of it will be there that day doesn’t work. However, in the ziekenhuisen, and homes for the elderly it will be all hands on deck. Also, when WITHDRAWN, will be there on Friday to ‘just’ work to be done. That is to say, to be BOTHERED to do the Friday ‘special’.

For a one-time SAVING it … ” The celebration of the pride of.. because we are so desperately longing for a vacation, according to the sun, the sea, the beach, cuddling, going out to dinner with friends… be lazy and want to pull out. Therefore, it is celebrating to be BOTHERED on a Friday, the 1st of may, The ‘Festival Of Pride’… with over 150 summer luilekkerhits.

MANAGEMENT is going to be between 10 and 23 hours of live, in the studio it Was The Blue one, Filip D haeze, Dimitri Vantomme.