Year-Old Gerard Joling: “I Am 60? Isn’t that awful?’

Year-Old Gerard Joling: "I Am 60? Isn't that awful?'

Not to be a big party at the house of Gerard Joling. However, there is a good reason for that: today is a celebration of the singer and his 60th birthday. Most of all, it would Joling, a decadent party, but it will be a cup of consolation in the presence of his sister and his elderly mother. Due to the corona virus, are parties, will not be allowed at all, even in the Netherlands. In the Dutch newspaper, the Algemeen Dagblad says on the singer on Wednesday that he and his 60th birthday, and normally grand celebration.

“What a surprise. That will be fine. My joined by June don’t come through, but we are still, however,” said Gerard Joling. With the sixties, has Joling, it is not really that difficult. The 60 is just a number. “I’m 60? Isn’t that awful? Well, I don’t feel that, you know,” adds he, in General, the Newspaper continues.