Liandra Sadzo is worried about her grandma

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Liandra Sadzo is one of the rising stars in the acteerwereldje. She broke down completely when Kyra’s in the Ketnetserie D5R, but we can see that the 20-year-old actress got to work on #LikeMe, and The Buurtpolitie.

Liandra, along with her mother’s groceries, her maternal grandparents on the father’s side, so that they no longer need, and Liandra them to see if they are the messages of the system.

However, the actress is worried about her granny, all along the mother’s side. Along with my mom’s side of Liandra’s Chilean roots and her grandmother lived in Chile, where she is in a nursing home for staying with her aunt and cousin can no longer visit. “We’re trying to facetimen, but I think it’s a shame that I’m so far away from my grandmother removed the am, and its not even able to hold and cuddle with,” says Liandra Sadzo in the Family.