DAMIEN (The Voice Kids) is working on a musical future

7286da329a53892c1d8ebadafa476c08 - DAMIEN (The Voice Kids) is working on a musical future

For a month and had to go back, Dan Vandenbruwaene in the final, knock-out-The-Voice-Kids-the game was abandoned. His coach, Gers Pardoel did not choose him, but the 14-year-old singer from Kluisbergen, has not been idle in the mean time, and looking back on a great period of time.

Dan: “It was bound to get over the initial shock, when I didn’t get my name heard to the end of the knock-out. On the other hand, if you have 3 strong candidates, only one of them could do it. We were all three comfortable, well-sung, so it is for all those who would go on to a deserved victory. I regret to inform you that I have been participating in? He certainly was not. I have a beautiful to show off to Flanders, and I love to sing and Flanders, and left en masse know that they are liked. My instagram blew up after the broadcast. For me, it was mostly a nice experience, where I have been able to learn. I have learned a lot.
I would really like to go with the music. All of the responses that I got, and after about a month, still will be so much fun. Most of all, I want to be with their own music and come out to me, but at that point, I take it in my own studio and a regular covertje on it. So, I had to see it on the tv channel, DVD, with my own version of the Michael Bublé cover “Home,” that is, for the moment, the station was used as the song for the same name. I have had so many comments on it that I have a small clip I made of it and the online player. I think I’d like it in all music, and that’s the tv game, has me even more encouraged to work hard for it.”