(Un)pleasant surprises in Blind and Bought it

5e2f01136e11390ef1bac9b178ed63c3 - (Un)pleasant surprises in Blind and Bought it

In the sixth episode of the Blind, Bought it to get Michael and Sandra, and for the first time in their fermettewoning to see it. The typical wooden slats are present all over the place and the Bart and Béa is afraid of their reaction. When Bart, after the first visit of the couple, the renovation venture will find he is in a potentially dangerous problem: the roof seems to be constructed with asbestos sheets. “As soon as there is any damage to such sheets, it is dangerous. But in order for the roof to be redone, I come home to around 13,000 euros, a shortage,” says Bart with a worried heart. Also, Michael was not happy with this: My sister died of cancer, so asbestos and cancer, are the words that you have in your life.”

Dina was surprised, and, meanwhile, Cara referred to their wedding as well, since they are in Blind and Bought it. The young pair foam have been in place since the beginning of their relationship, all of the immowebsites, but they have found their dream home yet. Cara referred to live, in the meantime, three years into a condo and no longer want to, especially after a stressful work day to relax in their own home. They have over 350,000 euros have been earmarked for their dream home: a genuine and particular character of the house, ready to move in, with parking, a garage and a south-facing garden. Most of all, that dream house into the street, where they now reside.