Salim Seghers: ‘my summer break’

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Salim Seghers talks in what is the use of language: “my summer has been kapót.” The 71-year-old singer looked only at the period of time between march and June, the 36 performances had been canceled, and that it has no cancellations, for the two summer months are included. “I would have buckets of tears to be able to weep now, but to help doing, it is not,” does the crisis of Salim Seghers-it’s always nice to be inspired for a new album. Happy the singer is to rely on retirement as a teacher, but to actually be confident, he is also on the income of all those cancelled gigs. Though Salim Seghers-mainly to do with the musicians-who have no income, and also with young artists. “How will that now have a name to go in?”