Willy Sommers presents a Lunchtime Garden with BNL

Willy Sommers presents a Lunchtime Garden with BNL

BNL, the new independent popstation in Flanders, brings, again, a big name in it, Willy Sommers. An absolute artist, and entertainer of the Flemish music literally breathes and develops. The perfect match for the BNL, which is a unique radio station, and a multi-media platform for the Belgian and Dutch music. As of Monday 13th of april, and the new sound is played. And, as of Monday, the 27th of april, with Willy Sommers at lunch time.

Willy Sommers was the man who, in 1971, brought a new and fresh sound in the Flemish and belgian music. For almost 50 following years later, he was the most popular Flemish singer, from the moment of the next year, the happy birthday, do not go unnoticed and will let it go. That anniversary set Willy is a new and fresh sound to the Flemish airwaves: the BNL. Willy’s hundreds and hundreds of annual concerts to prove that they are, literally, everywhere, and the noise started pulling it. A tent in the Corner to a festival and Pukkelpop. However, Willy is much more than the polonaises he is just a good rock and roll.” And it was at the birth and growth of the Flemish commercial television, with ‘Tien om te zien’. Which is a huge boost, made by the Flemish and Belgian music. The circle is thus complete: Willy, do you hear now, from Monday to Friday, in the “Lunch garden”, from 12h to 13h.

Willy, can feel the enthusiasm of the new challenge: “I spent the first week of the BNL is intensely followed, because I wanted to hear what it sounded like. The manner in which the station is a mix of all Flanders, and of Belgium is rich, it really stood out to me from the first day and 1 a lot. Especially if I have to hear what the artists of my generation in the Flemish popular a platform is, along with the rock of, say, belgium to become and art by, for example, of The Spirit. It gives you a sense of familiarity, but also because BNL Dutch-language work in the Netherlands is programmed. I, on behalf of the entire music industry is only very happy.’

“When my manager, The me, the question is for the lunch programme had been presented, I was immediately enthusiastic about it. I’m looking forward to having lunch with everyone in the music at our establishment. In addition, it’s a great opportunity for my fans to talk to in this coronatijd. They will miss me and I them just as fiercely. Lunch Garden is now my date with the listeners and fans around the world.’