Tuesday night at The public prosecutor’s office at the FOUR

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Jeugdmagistrate Lies to put himself on Tuesday, in the latest episode of The public prosecutor’s office in the case of a boy of 9 years old, who, due to mental problems all week long, unmanageable. The parents are desperate for help, but there is no place for the boy to catch it, “He offers, his father, threatened with death, and with a mokerhamers, knives, and thrown out, his mother beaten, and his 12-year-old sister was trying to strangle.” Lies, see, in addition to a young girl of 16 years of age, on her desk. They are going to be two years out of school, and there’s an urgent need for something to change.

Substitutes Bobby, and That focus on a murder case. Last night, a man at the stake. They will continue to be a lot of questions, and the mystery behind it, and so should the research lead to a conclusion. “The perpetrators have the key to the case, but whether or not they are giving and whether or not it’s the right key, and that’s something else,” says Bernadette.

Public prosecutor’s office She has a meeting with a young woman. It happened at a party in a bottle on the head of one of the other women that her man was trying to flirt with. Jeugdmagistrate As 12 new files with minor offenders. One of them is the very bond, and the public prosecutor’s office demands for him to be tried as an adult in the court of first instance.

The public prosecutor’s office, Tuesday, at 20.35, at FOUR years old.