The Mole attracts a number of participants at up to 10 ‘ 000 was a great success

The Mole attracts a number of participants at up to 10 ' 000 was a great success

Last night was Alina, and after a thrilling final, has been discovered as the mole, by Jolene. The very kijkcijferrecord liked The Mole, but less than one and one-half million are Flemish people, eyes glued to the screen. Immediately following the finale, the viewer also sign up for the new season to For the first time, there is a limit of 5,000 seats available to be set. Due to the overwhelming success, it was decided to set that limit to go up to 10,000 seats available. That is in all of us.

The Team is The Mole, “With about one and a half million viewers, not only broke with the finale of The Mole, to set a record. Also, the hunger to take part in a new series, it was never that great. Nearly 30,000 people have tried and tried last night to apply to the policy. That is, there are more than twice as many as in the whole of the subscription period the previous year, and so many more of us than we could have ever expected. Due to an unusual large number of visitors were also able to have our servers all of these entries, do not swallow it.That day, we have decided to remove the limit of 5000 the candidates have to go to 10,000.In this way, we get twice as many people will have a chance to be one of the 200 applicants who will be invited for an interview.Those who for the first time, 10,000 of it was for the best, but up there, because of the technical problems have not been able to achieve, is now being contacted personally. In addition, we want to be, and anyway, anyone who is a candidate for proposed-from the bottom of our hearts, thank. A greater compliment could we be if tv producers don’t get.”