Saartje Vandendriessche, the Flemish coast is unsafe

d730af40b38d7f2b389c0db9bcaec9b1 - Saartje Vandendriessche, the Flemish coast is unsafe

Last week was followed 670.266 viewers how Sergio Quisquater and his family in the year 1977, the herbeleefden, accounting for a market share of 27.1% (VVA 18-54, with a live+delayed). On Tuesday, april 28, at 20.35 is Saartje Vandendriessche immersed in 1987. In that magical year, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson’s song ‘Bad’, wins Johnny Logan-for the second time in the Eurovision song contest, and the production of the ever-popular ‘Kid’ has stopped. It was also the year in which Saartje was 12. Saartje was pulling along with her daughter, Mille, her lievelingstante At-and Alix – the-year-old daughter Saartjes younger brother of a Girl – on the seaward side to her past, to relive it. It promises to be a refreshing weekend to be filled with feminine energy.

In the song, ‘La Bamba’ drive to the vrouwenclubje down to the sea in the direction of 1987. Saartje wore her jeugdzomers always by the sea. Property and Alix were blissfully happy when they are in their 80’s outfits and be allowed to grow. Meanwhile, it is being rediscovered Saartje is her favorite book, ‘No girls on board, in the children’s room. “I had a flash of joy as I was that book lying. This was, for me, is really the Bible! I think it was ‘feminist’ has become,” laughs Saartje.

On Saturday, everyone is up early for an action-packed day. An Lemmens has a gift for the women in the store for you: is there a go-cart full of beach stuff waiting for them. A trip to the beach in 1987, it consisted of sun-bathing, swimming, pétanque and boules de Berlin enjoy. All of it makes up for the strandzeil, however, for the slight delay…