Vanessa Chinitor: ‘this is devastating’

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Vanessa Chinitor is still a fixture at summer festivals. As well as, the 59-year-old man, Dirk, Bauters sit like that in the artiestencircuit. Jointly can see, the torque due to the coronacrisis about 80 gigs will be omitted. “Disastrous,” says Vanessa Chinitor-in and Day-All of them. “All these months, neither of the two of us to work.”

The singer, who will always be remembered and will continue her participation in the Eurovision song contest is holding on to the few things that had not yet been cancelled, such as the night markets on the seafront, but that would effectively be allowed to continue, it is still just guess work. “We have been forced to make in our up-to-there,” says Vanessa Chinitor. “That’s something you’d rather not, it was put to the side for later use. But it will be no different,” said the singer at All.