On Monday, they are the Heroes Here

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In which they are the Heroes, Here: Points to see how the coronacrisis the whole country in its grip continues to hold. And now, on Monday, the 27th of april at 21.45, is to show that the coronapatiënten a long, long way to go. “Coronapatiënten often have to cope with the extreme weakness of the muscles, and, therefore, is often a month-long rehabilitation to wait. Some of them are so weak that even walking from the bed to the door in shortness of breath causes,” says She to The Others, anesthesiologist-intensivist at the Hasselt Jessa hospital.

In a school building in Koekelare, be the first video listed: this is a tough challenge for the teachers and the board of directors. The police of Oostende is sitting with the hands in the hair when you receive a call about domestic violence-where a violent son as his father was to have access to their house and doesn’t allow? During a night shift, to get the agents to have a call for a robbery in progress. Unusually, given that everyone in your home ought to be.