Margot Hallemans, “I’d love to bride to be’

Margot Hallemans, "I'd love to bride to be'

Margot Hallemans creeps in for many years, the role of Hanne Van den Bosch Family. The moment you have experienced on 17 april, one of her “loneliest birthday ever, and it’s down to the pictures of the Family, she may as well be a wedding party falling into the water. As for when to go, Hanne, and Those (by Maxime De Winne) to finally get married?

Margot Hallemans to see a wedding party can already do. “Yes please!” says the actress, at All. “I would have loved to get a bride-to-play, a prinsessenjurk to attract, and in the center of the attention. If you’re up for it later in real life,” says Margot to be in a magazine.