Karen Damen: “I’ve seen him in, his love has helped”

Karen Damen: "I've seen him in, his love has helped"

This weekend there is a wonderful interview with Karen Being in The News. Karen Damen is very telling during the interview, and finally to her son, Sky. That is, it is very happy that his mommy, as a result of the coronacrisis the whole day at home. And that Sky over the past few weeks, do not have to go to school should be, and that is a blessing.

Last week started with the online classes, however, once again, mom, Karen, is now a teacher, one who is far from lenient. “Sky, have a little self-discipline, just as I do. Among the tasks he has in store for the easter holiday, he said, ” Mom, tonight.’ To which I said, ” Yes, that’s a good thing.” But in the evening, it was too late, ” I said, ‘We’ll do it tomorrow,” laughs Karen Being in the weekendkrant. “And so we kept postponing. To me it is anything but a strict teacher and has not been saved. Sky was glad that I always am. He thinks there’s nothing worse than to have to stand up, when I’m gone.”

Son, Sky, has been less than 10 years old. “I am under the impression that he is now pubert. If he was angry, he said afterwards: “I’m not mad at you, but at myself, because I’ll get mad’. In such a talk, I think: How young art thou still, only two and a half’!”