Jolene is also the exaltation of The Ldcs by 2020

4f0bc663845e051af9c40cfc29aaae77 - Jolene is also the exaltation of The Ldcs by 2020

The lowest groepspot once, and that was only due to the fumbling of the contestants of ‘The Mole’, of course, and the saboteur this year, was mercilessly hit. Less than 22.835 the euro was in the groepspot. There was not a lot of fat to 100,000 euros, which it to earn a fall.
Alina, Bart, and Jolene. The two of them were deserved finalists of the third, the saboteur. The person who is through the production of a golden ticket to the finals, and the two other participants for a while, as the saboteur has been.
And, this year, this is Alina, The Mole, the winner of the groepspot is a bank clerk Jolene now.
Congratulations to The Mole, the winner and the ‘loser’. You will have to work together with the other participants, you will have a beautiful season of ‘The Mole’ all taken care of.
The next year, there will be a new version of ‘The Mole’, you can register now at four years