First, paying online is a music festival that attracted a lot of fans

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In the times of the solar Corona tries the music industry is to be revamped. Artists Unlimited association, a collective of music-lovers and musicians at the end of march, started with a brainstorming session with the creative minds and entrepreneurs around the theme of ” Hack of The Year, came up with the idea to Market the Festival to organize it.

For quite some time and there are lots of artists making music in their own home, thus to their fans, even in these times, to be a good time. But it was still free. But on Sunday, the 26th of april, between 15: 30 hrs you the and 23, you was the first to pay a music festival that take place, and that was quite a few of the big names to play, such as Absynthe Minded, Sioen, and Noémie Wolfs. The other 7 artists: Nick Glasses, Tessa Dixson, An Pierlé & Koen Gisen, Gregory frateur, the phenomenal, Rare Akuma, and Susobrino. Radiopresentatrice Adam, the Angels took over the presentation at its own expense. Who is in this unique event and wanted to experience it and had to charge € 10 to pay for it. To make a sound, image, and streamingkwaliteit of the highest quality to ensure a working Artist of the Unlimited, which, together with a collection CK Productions, and the Videohouse, we can read about it on