The new season of Rush 24/7

5d5e5069eac69843980e79cfc65176a4 - The new season of Rush 24/7

After 4 successful documentairereeksen of Urgency, 24/7 on the emergency department (ed) of the university hospital of Leuven (louvain), on average, 1.126.202 of viewers; and 4+, Live+7), move it to the creators, in their 60’s, fixed cameras, go to the emergency department (ed) of the university hospital of Ghent, belgium. 6 weeks is a long time 7 days on 7, 24 hours on 24, was shot in the onderzoeksboxen, the most critical zone for the operating theatres…, The viewer will follow, from the first row, and the stories of the people, which is one of the most difficult and emotional times in their lives and are assisted by a team of exceptionally driven, the doctors, nurses, and ambulanciers. Due to the real record, with solid cameras, that is, the care is not disrupted, and it’s great to work in the emergency department (ed) to be displayed as it is happening.

This sequence was filmed for the corona virus, there it was. But, as a matter of Urgency with a 24/7 self-evident, is the fact that the doctors, nurses, and the ambulanciers are certainly not alone in this coronatijden the respect and admiration of money. Rush 24/7 and it shows, the dedication, the perseverance and the professionalism of the staff and the medical team from the university hospital of Ghent, belgium. Teams are working day and night to help those in need. Indeed, in these times, is a tribute to the medical profession.

Fr. dr. Peter De Paepe, head of Emergencies, “The recording of this episode of Rush 24/7 which took place last year. Our emergency department (Ed) to see today is a different story. The coronacrisis we have created a new unit designed. For example, we have patients who are likely to COVID-19 will have to be clearly separate from any other patients. For those who are not infected with the corona virus, as well as immediate medical assistance is needed, they can count on us. And it is in our emergency room, there will be a little bit of the same as they did in the show. Because that is what you will see in the program is also in place today: that our people face every day in order to provide patients and their families, as well as warm, as possible help.”