Kobe Van Herwegen, teaches the children magic,

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22Vanuit are goochelatelier learn Kobe Van Herwegen, every day is a miracle, in the miracle of the day. Kobe brings it every day is an episode in which he was a trick, and a simple miracle of the cloth will do. Each plays a well-known figure in the world of Studio 100, the leading role in the magic trick. These videos are exclusively available for Studio 100 at Home, it’s a new platform, the Studio 100 is specifically designed for those special times, has created.

This goochelfilmpjes is going to Kobe Van Herwegen are back to its roots. One of the actors in the order of Studio 100, and the result, in 2008, the hit television series “AbraKOdabra and he was also a hard-huisgoochelaar for the result, and the” The world of the K3.