Are Winnie the pooh, and the Best, still happily married?

15324d11c62281a716d9b0f847a93361 - Are Winnie the pooh, and the Best, still happily married?

On average, 1.174.402 viewers, accounting for a market share of 38.2%; VVA 18-54, with a live +7) it followed that for the past two and a half months, the romantic and less romantic ups and downs by Now, Laura, Christopher, Nick, Tatiana, Lothar, and Winnie the pooh, and the Best. From the moment she received the news that the expert is a partner, and for them it was to the point where they are at the end of seven weeks of marriage, decided to get married, or not. On Sunday, the 26th of april, it jumps to the final of the Blind, got Married a few months, looking forward: what’s going on with everyone else? And the big question that everyone is asking: are the Devil, and Jonah is 7 months after the wedding, still happily married?

The semi-finals of the Blind, got Married, became part of the coronamaatregelen of filming and during some of the social distance measures. For that reason, the participants are not all together, but shared images are interspersed with video calls between the participants, which are away from each other, also would like to know what the deal is.

The best is, to this day, plenty of his house, always ready to help me to get out of there after a few years of struggle, finally, in order to be able to draw. So the question is, is the Devil, or will he just move out?