THE director of the Gudde: “Snap’s” I have difficult decisions’

17d5c309e64135cc9d05666936a6b861 - THE director of the Gudde: "Snap's" I have difficult decisions'

THE director of the Gudde: “Snap’s” I have difficult decisions’

24 april, 2020 19:16
24-04-20 at 19:16
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Eric Gudde director of professional football the Dutch fa (KNVB), who understands that several clubs are upset and disappointed following the decisions of the association regarding the completion of a finished season in professional football.

“I don’t understand all of the disappointment, the painful decisions,” said Gudde, in a conversation with “The most painful thing I think may be the situation of the football club Utrecht, and the cup final is unable to play, and not just in one place, which gives the right to European football.”

The directorate of professional football, who, in addition to Gudde is made up of Jean-Paul Decossaux, it was decided on Friday that there will be no champion will be designated in the Premier league, and in the Kitchen, the Champion of a Division, the European tickets will be distributed on the basis of the current ranking of the Premier league, and that there will be no promotion or relegation, it will be.