Temptation Island: gut-wrenching footage from the fire

Temptation Island: gut-wrenching footage from the fire

The couples who are trying to “Temptation Island,” it’s been ten days, and the temptations of the bachelor to be able to withstand. That may seem short, but for couples, this is a test of strength. After an eventful night, to meet her there at last succeeded in making her prey to catch it and it pulls it straight in to Arda.
Arda: “I really feel at home. Still the same, Arda as it was yesterday, but just a little happier, perhaps.”

Right to expect from Zach, that he is able to prove that his love is lost, but the fa last night and she’s not so sure about that. Zach has no memory of his night with Romee: I don’t have a clue what is happening. I always forget everything after you drink alcohol after three drinks, I make my own name, forget it.” He chooses to make right at the first bonfire of his joker, too.
Zach: “I don’t think that I’m starting from the start line backward’ve been in a place of moving forward. For my joker, I’m going anyway, right bets, and I want to be able to explain it.’

Not everyone believes in a good outcome. The ladies are now in the fire the images of their partners to see them. And that promises to be a lively evening.
Each of the “I love my heart and all of the other images.” It will be a heavy blow to endure, Arda will leave all bets are off, and seem to be with out Any break.

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