Swoop brings out the summer in the country with a ‘Laissez-Moi Danser’

97cdeb5d6f5cec162249c1fbb6b2fc3a - Swoop brings out the summer in the country with a 'Laissez-Moi Danser'

Also, He and his SWOOPgirls, Eva, Andrea, Joyce, and Yenna remain, to this day, neatly, each in their own room, something that sports and music are the five that is full of energy and movement, is not always as easy it should have been. One of the hottest ambiancegroep of Flanders have each other’s company for more than a month to be missed, a stark contrast to the lives of the Corona as they are every weekend, still the best day of my life, the bus got on and to our country, one of them is to make people smile and be happy to make a great show.

But don’t worry, once there are better days to come, and as long as the SWOOPfans enjoy the SWOOP’s new single, “Laissez-Moi Danser”, a remix of the famous hit from the 70’s. Exercise is healthy, dancing is also a… as for SWOOP, it was the perfect time to get those summer ambianceknaller of its size in the world, to let it go. Follow their example, and allow you to go all the way!