Jacky Lafon yet at the stage of The White Horse?

8375d3ec207775aab1cfd1c8d3be4044 - Jacky Lafon yet at the stage of The White Horse?

As in previous years, Jacky Lafon, this summer, at The White Horse hotel Blankenberge are. Since her check-out, concierge during the summer to continue, at least, that’s the point. It is a look at some of the national Security council will have to decide. The White Horse can be a lot of people, but the people there are traditionally close to each other. Jacky Lafon does not know of any case of cancellation. “My check-out, concierge at The White-Horse is to take place. ‘Jubilee by the sea’ in honor of my 55 years in the business, I do not think that it was cancelled, it would be. And so in practice we do business as usual, from a distance, you hear the sound of it.

Jack and the rest of the cast, now get clips of the choreographer is to facilitate people to begin to practice. “I see no problem. To the audience, not the people who post on the beach. No one is going to us to be able to see it this summer. Yeah, see, I will have to think like this, to have the courage to do so, the decision to Jacky Lafon at All.

The national security council will probably later on today with more clarity about it.