At home: a 9 eye-catching things to remember from the last episode

At home: a 9 eye-catching things to remember from the last episode

Friday night was the last of the “Home” episode this spring to look at One and it was a very exciting dubbelaflevering. The viewers were left with the nine questions you’ll need to speculate.

1. Tim, to recognize the victims of the red tent
Tim steps out of a red tent, just in front of the house of Stuart. What’s happened to it in the Stride? Why do so many police? The victim was not a stranger for the Team. Anyone who is in the tent? This is a second try. Since last week, and saw that the viewers will have a tent, but that was it somewhere else? The police will have to take action to shoot…

2. It Is Claire and her empire to run.
The plans of Peter the great, He, Reinhilde, and he is off to a good start shot. Karen will receive a letter by registered mail. They will be summoned to appear before the disciplinary committee in relation to ethical failures. Her last day as a lawyer, being beaten? And how could they with that loss of life? The fall of Karen, a fact, or to turn them more than to bounce back with a sweet vengeance?

3. Nancy forgives her, She
A few weeks ago, did He, in a drunken mood a little bit with Mom. He confessed everything to Nancy. They want to have their precious time to lose, and to forgive He have been doing with Claire. “You are mine, man, you have to stay that way!” Them, he will no doubt continue to be a reminder of his stupidity, but she wants to work together as a team to continue and to be happy. Britney spears is very happy because He is not the same thing. Well done, Kate, but for the love of A Nancy to overcome them.

4. Bob, united states. Christine : 1 – 0
Christine does in the first and victims for the Goblins to hit, the orders of Boowie will be lost. Bob, you can’t verkroppen his ex-fiance is now teaming with the Agile, and secure the contract with the Pixies to stop. Christine is looking for a confrontation with the Teacher. To survive, the friendship of Bob, Lowie, and Agile professional issues? Or is this the beginning of the end of their bromance? And run, Christine, something about her shield? Or is it really just fell in love with Agile, and if they want only what is best for everyone else?

5. Jasper is open to all, and that causes fear and panic
Incomprehensible, but true: Sean is once again a free man, by the made to correct procedural errors. The disbelief is palpable. How is it possible that such a person is suddenly able to go where he wants them to do? Viv is afraid that he will have their life turned upside down and will throw at them. Looking for Jasper to re-approach to This? And he was actually the brutal revenge? What will you Thilly and Waldek to do as she is told that Jasper is free it is? And, Ann is afraid of a backlash from Tania: it was just all talk…