Julie Van Stone talks about the love of her life

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From the 25th of april is the best dierendokter Seriously, every Saturday back in the new season of the Beestig. Joshua goes in a lot of animal lovers, it gives you tips and tricks on the animals, and trying to figure out why the animals have certain things to do to. This year, Beestig are also two new items in store for you: in a Behind-the-Scenes to meet Joshua, with extraordinary animals and their care, and in Werkpaardjes to ” go along with the animals, with their own ‘job’. In the first episode of “Beestig, on Saturday, april 25, at 18.20, does, have him be a wild ride through the mud, tells the story of Julie Of the Stone -” the love of her life, ” says Joshua about why the goats faint, and he takes care of a different type of dog then usually the seal is in has to offer.

In the House Of one, makes the viewer become acquainted with your pet, a well-known Flemish people. This time it pulls in, have him to Ghent, where influencerhond’ What – Dirkie-friends – live. The adorable labradoodle and has a good character, but for the love of Dirkie and his owner, Julie, is great. “Who is definitely the man of my life!!! He is very vain, and has facial expression on his face. When I was on the street course there are also people who take a photo with Dirk and me,” says Julie. But what Julie really is the best part of Dirkie?