Friday night extra-long season finale of Home

cced947bbca3f43c26470bce067d16f1 - Friday night extra-long season finale of Home

On Friday next at Home to a Single-viewer with an extra-long episode, which will also be the last episode of house this season. So, end of the season, a little earlier than expected. This VTM will have jointly decided that, this spring, with no new episodes of Home and Family in australia, but that the two fictiereeksen the end of the summer to return to television.

The coronamaatregelen the images all have to be quiet, and it is currently not possible to make new episodes to take in. Because of this, it is to the advantage of the images of the two sequences that normally have the images a few months before the broadcast), and in the meantime kwijtgespeeld. The decision to get the new episodes until the end of the summer in australia, to bring to it, want to be One, and the VTM of a head start so that fans of the series will be able to enjoy it. If the recordings are exactly the resume can be, it is still being investigated.

Olivier, Goris, network manager One: “these are uncertain times for all of us, and unfortunately for the Home. At this point, unfortunately, it is not possible for a fiction series to be as we are used to. We are currently investigating how we can deal with it. Both the VTM and if we can hope to see in our day to day fictiereeksen as soon as possible, to be able to boot up in safe condition. And it’s going to be the come together to enjoy an extra-long episode.”

As of Monday, the 27th of april, the programs that are normally seen after at Home to start, all the show starts at 20.15 hours. So, starting on the 27th of april, a new season of Rush 24/7, on Tuesday, the new Two shades of grey, Pascal Braeckman and Jan, Of, oak pull, on Wednesday there will be a new season of Dierendokters 24/7, and it can be anyone from Thursday’s reading, Wim Lybaert, and in The time of columbus.

The Home-delivery on Friday, has a lot in store for the fans.