Two of the group members, the Top Pops are affected by the solar corona

8cb2c98ec17686be322d0c1251124ac1 - Two of the group members, the Top Pops are affected by the solar corona

The corona virus that affects the whole of the world of showbiz. Concerts are cancelled, events may be cancelled! Organizers, performers, technical crew, and in short, everyone in the showbizzwereld is out of work, and it doesn’t seem to matter that september, the improvement is approaching. The government-imposed measures, however, are very important for the health of you all. A couple of weeks ago, the artists called upon to make a short film with the message for these measures to be strictly followed. Unfortunately, the Top Pops in this call is a no-go due to a ‘temporary split’. As Kelly and Teresa have been tested positive for the corona virus, and Top of the Pops and went with a temporary 4-to-2.

It all started at the beginning of march, with the vocal parts of the new discomedley, and the brand-new single ‘first time’ in mid-may, will be shown. With Kelly and Teresa got to do with fatigue, that, after examination, is a symptom of the corona virus had turned out to be. Luckily for the ladies, all the separate vocal parts, so that they do not become infected have. In the meantime, Teresa, and Kelly is totally OK and will heal. The Top Pops, the vocal parts in the studio to complete, such as the a single you can the same as feature to appear.