The FOUR series ‘Ever-Free’ in Canada, was nominated for the prestigious Rockie Award for

The FOUR series 'Ever-Free' in Canada, was nominated for the prestigious Rockie Award for

Once Released, the documentary series from Woestijnvis, which, in the fall of 2019 at the latest, to see who was on FOUR, and has been nominated for a Rockie Award at the World Media Festival in canada’s Banff. The festival organiser will be announced. The prestigious BANFF World Media Festival, it’s been forty years, and is one of the most prestigious competitions in television and digital content. Used to be Free is to be nominated in the category of ‘Reality Docusoap & Docuseries’. In the same category of things as well as the British series, Who are you calling fat? 24 hours in A&A and the united states, Life Below Zero, and the Pit Bulls & Parolees to the much-coveted statuette. The winners of The BANFF World Media Festival will be announced on June 15 in a live stream from the ceremony. In the meantime, there is already a second season in the making for the success of the program, which this fall will be FOUR.

Editor-in-chief Tess Uytterhoeven: “We are very pleased to see that it used to be Free has been nominated. The prison is a world that is often sensationalized in the picture is made. It is great to have an honest view with a keen eye for the human stories, is greatly appreciated. After a well-received first season, we have a lot of enthusiasm, a new series has started. At the outbreak of the corona virus that we were working on the film in a number of new prisons. The life within the walls has changed a lot since then: the visit is cancelled, and the prisoners are not allowed to have more output in order to look for a job or to care to follow it. Their life had been quiet, but now it is their connection to the outside world is even stronger afgesnoerd. That provides you with interesting themes. How does a closed community, and a threat from the outside? What is a threat to the relationship between the staff and the inmates? What is it like to be free in a world that is no longer as free as it used to be? It’s been interesting times, both inside and outside the walls.”