Is collection of Luc Caals in the water.

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On the 11th of August and the upcoming celebrating, Luc Caals, his 68th birthday. But there’s a lot to celebrate, and that is still a question mark. Luc Caals has the tendency to have his birthday on the stage, too. The room is next to the public as well to become part of the family. But this summer, it’s a case that’s not clear. Luc Caals is telling in All of this summer time may not be the one on the stage will be. Since he teamed up with Dirk before and during the winter, in the Winterrevue was, he decided, this summer, and what a gas to take it back. “But the Caals is singing in the Cockpit was going to be in the month of August. My verjaardagsconcert that had to be made. It will, however, do not continue are you sure?”, respond to Luc at All.