He who abandons the Expedition Robinson?

621c2fe503f28bb5d0e11be23ec1848e - He who abandons the Expedition Robinson?

Last week it won Jorik once again, the immuniteitsproef and took Elroy to Winnaarseiland. Once it was clear that Thomas, at She would have the votes if he will go back to the camp, it would have told Jorik will have the additional vote, which he won at the last one. Finally won the Thomas and Thomas again, and he sent the two players back to. The West-Flanders is on a five-day Winnaarseiland. It has the highest number of votes, and it’s safe to sit on. It is also a time to think about his or her family, his family, and plans for the future.

At the elimination, there was something Jorik and Elroy hadn’t planned on. Kevin gave up on it. He was physically completely exhausted, and held up the honour of it to himself, and after 27 days of Expedition Robinson. Therefore, there had to be no-one to go home to vote, be a blessing to a few times. But there is, no one is safe, and now we’re just in time for the semi-finals on.

In the meantime, it’s raining. Some of them are more difficult than others. I just have to persevere even more. For he is without now, as he was the only Belgian in the camp, and with Thomas on the Winnaarseiland.