He is looking for money for a single

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It seems to be a little crazy in this difficult time, but He is very bold, that he was going to be looking for 3,000 euros for the recognition and promotion of the single. “The most important part of the online pieces by 2020, it is the video for the new single” said He. The lead singer would make this summer of love is a new hit, but he has no income. Why, then, is not a fund-raising organising, is thought to be the lead singer. “To do this, I am on the lookout for, as 3,000 euros, for the small crew, to be able to pay for the recording, editing, and promotion. In a long period of time without income, there are many artists is at a turning point in their career. A video can be the ultimate life saver for some new material and gigs in the autumn and winter, sounds like it’s further in.
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