‘Farmer seeks Wife ” Home Sweet Home”: a new season, and this year, in our own country

'Farmer seeks Wife " Home Sweet Home": a new season, and this year, in our own country

On Sunday, the 3rd, 10th, may send VTM to 19.55 of the oproepafleveringen of the new season of “Farmer seeks Wife” Home Sweet Home ” this fall at the antenna as well. Dina Tersago, and An Lemmens going to be in Flanders, and six young-adult and child farmers and/or farmers ‘ wives, at a time of love and help.
Over the past two years were some of the men, and the love of it, and at the present time, olijfboer of Manu, and the cowboy, Jan, still, happy, with, respectively, with Us, and She. Manu and Us have the last year, engaged to be married and to Jan left, for the love of Australia, even back in Belgium, together with She continues to search for a new home for them. I’m curious whether An-Dina, the new farmers will also be able to help them in their search for a partner because, in addition to their success in the professional field, that’s pretty much the only thing that the entrepreneurs are lacking.

Dina Tersago: “There were years of planning to get to the foreign country if the territory of the country, but due to the current situation, the focus is now entirely on the interior, and I may have our farmers in Flanders, once again, fortunately, have a shot at it. This is the season of the Farmer seeks Wife, then the aptly named ‘Home Sweet Home’. We hope that we have in the world of the Flemish farmers is completely upside-down and can take them with you to help find love through this adventure.”