Axel Daeseleire: “Eye-to-eye with the man with the scythe’

Axel Daeseleire: "Eye-to-eye with the man with the scythe'

Actor Axel Daeseleire was glad that he was the Covid 19-the virus is conquered. At the end of march, the actor was also in the hospital. After that he was all along, a triage was because he was ill, he would, after a short survey, and return home. Three days later, he went to emergency, and from then on it went fast. The actor was on the covid-section and in an artificial coma and is brought.

Within the VTM the NEWS, testifying, Axel Daeseleire, that’s on the brink it was. “It was a close call; I have an eye-to-eye stood up with the man with the scythe. At the moment they come out and say that they will have to intubate, so a tube to implant in your neck, and you’ll be in a coma, so if you efkes all over the place and makes you feel very small,” admits Axel Daeseleire date.

The actor, however, is not what he has in his life is quite exciting to be polite when it comes to health, this seems to be the most severe. “It’s going to also be accompanied with a certain dread if I’m honest. Because I know that such a procedure is sometimes not possible, and that means that there will be no more.”