Walter Grootaers on the corona-easing: ‘health for

Walter Grootaers on the corona-easing: 'health for

Opperkreuner Walter Grootaers was a Monday night, one of the guests at the ‘George, Late last Night. About a month ago, Walter Grootaers himself, of corona, and he lay there for a while in the hospital. The lead singer seemed to be the flu, but his wife was there, three days later, do not hesitate, and on the advice of the doctor, went to emergency room. There was a test done, and a little later to Walter that he and corona had been. In addition, he also had a lung infection

Walter was in the intensive care unit was recorded, thankfully, he had not on a ventilator. Walter was, in fact, that he had a few days in the hospital and would have to stay there, and he’s the oxygen, it would get it. However, he could not have visitors, and even the nurses came in only once every six hours for him to pass. “You’re in a small room and a six-hour should the nurse to come in. In the beginning, you have to make sure, but I am the sort of person who, on the click of “see here, you just need to get by’. “