W817 movie will be delayed for one year due to the coronamaatregelen

W817 movie will be delayed for one year due to the coronamaatregelen

A few weeks ago, if, MNM-dj Peter Van de Veire at The Great Peter Van de Veire Ochtendshow extract with the good news: the W817 movie could be made of, for example, to the 50,000 fans that a ticket had been purchased. This morning, just called Peter a little bit with Danny, He, with his fans, better known as Tom of W817. Danny was good, and, sadly, a little less is good news to W817 of the fans.

First of all, the confirmation of the good news is that the W817 movie 8eraf! there is, anyway. The threshold of 50,000 tickets is now, and that it was necessary for the film to be able to make it. The pictures of the W817 film was originally scheduled to take place in may 2020, with a more intense preparation in the month of april. Due to the extension of the coronamaatregelen, however, it is not possible to set the recording start according to plan. With the tight schedule, it is crucial to have the film ready in time for the fan day event in October. That is why, together with the casino before, and Kinepolis decided to give the movie a year up to 2021.

However, fans need not worry: the film will be there anyway, and the ticket is still valid. The reserved tickets will continue to be maintained and to be transferred to the next year. Anyone who has a ticket for 8eraf! in Antwerp, on the first Friday of October, so next year, on that same Friday, the enjoyment of the film. All fans with a ticket will be next year for at least four months in advance, you can create a new confirmation by Kinepolis. For more information on the

At the beginning of march, the cast of the legendary Teen-set in the CHARITY’s appeal to buy tickets for the movie. In the film, it could only come when the 50,000 fans in between 4 march and 4 april and a ticket could buy one. The proceeds of the advance; the funding of the film.
W817-first and second mass responds to the call. The 50 000 tickets have now all of the out of doors. The movie is going to be in 2021, only for fans with a ticket to see it in cinemas of the Kinepolis all over Flanders with a lot of extras, and an exclusive visit of a few of the cast members.