This is the brand new single from Laura Lynn

b2e456cd729e67d89f707df4754c7732 - This is the brand new single from Laura Lynn

With the announcement of the coronamaatregelen had to plan around the release of the album “Country 2”, and the events around the showbiz of Laura and Lynn, in the refrigerator, has to be stopped. However, in anticipation of better times to come for our schlager – and countrykoningin is already a new topsingle: ‘If You Dance’. A contemporary country/pop song by American singer Nathan Carter with a Dutch version of Sabien Tiels.

“Nathan and Carter have been in Europe not so well known by the public at large,” says Laura. “But he is a master at writing feel-good pop/country songs, which I might have written it. This song, I am very happy. With the release of my 1st countryalbum I still have doubts about this genre, but for me to fit in, but in the meantime, I am quite sure of that. I’ve got country in my blood.”