On Wednesday, That Promises to be up for it Later

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Staf Coppens ‘ take the children, Margo (6 years, Humbeek), Dutch (6 years old, Sint-Niklaas), and Julia (6 years old, and Mile) along on the trip. They go to a particular vet, one for the speaking animals. The 6-year-olds, given by Staff to the job of their life, because they have the vet in to assist. In practice, they meet a turtle, with a southern Dutch accent, which is hard to sleep, can grasp an egg, that egg is due to an identity crisis, and is Perfect for the cat flea. How to respond to Margo, Dutch, and many more, as the animals are against them? And they can use the animals to help with their problem. That the viewer will discover, tomorrow, Wednesday, april 22, That rihanna is to be 20.35 VTM.

The program is the Staff and the children at the VTM. “The next trial, and there is a smell to it, because when you get to the VTM, there was a problem with the toilets,” laughs Rod. In the VTM, the children, the maintenance man at the lodge, who tells them that no-one, to the broken toilet to go to. When the Staff, it risk, it does the unthinkable: he has been absorbed by the toilet. Disclosing to the children in an embarrassing situation for the odd-job man? Or to tell you they are the domestic drama, and it will give the TOILET door in your face? However, the most important question that everyone is asking: how do they help the Staff out of the toilet?

From the smallest to the room from the VTM to the Staff’s Lab, where the Staff will investigate whether the children’s zenuwpezen it. “I am going to be my guinea pigs, the most difficult thing to do, when you have a child, you can ask for: nothing. If they succeed, they are rewarded. But they are, of course, is a little bit distracting,” explains Rod. Able to Airport, Dutch, and many more bubbles, a bouncy castle and two cute pups to resist?