Chris Van Tongelen, “this makes me angry’

Chris Van Tongelen, "this makes me angry'

Last week, we saw Chris Van Tongelen you’ve already covered it in the Family somewhere. Van den Bosch came back from Dubai, and flown back because of his daughter Hanne was missing. Those scenes were all a long time ago at the coronacrisis still, there was no question.

In the meantime, the world is not just a little bit changed, and rain cancellations. Monday was the organizer of the Beverse Feesten is known that the event has been postponed until next year, so it will be in the next few days and weeks, maybe even more. Chris Van Tongelen regrets at All because there are so many cries to be heard. “The negative tone makes me angry. Who knows, we may do a few small gigs to do? ‘t Will not be able to be fifty, but a dozen of them as well. ‘t Would be virtue to do so”, responded Chris in a magazine.