Almost an impossible challenge Blind Bought it

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In episode 5 of Blind Bought it, makes Dina Tersago Wednesday to meet with Sandra and Michael. The couple wants to have their apartment for rent in Auderghem, for various reasons, but the main goal is to be the daughter of His deceased sister, Isaura. Its a home away from home, not having an extra room is needed. If I Isaura wants Michael to fulfill his promise, as quickly as possible to be able to live up to, but due to their busy jobs, it was very difficult for the houses to go on display in the area of Ixelles and Tervuren. And if it is, however, still manage, to see the houses in front of them poached in. It’s a tall order for Béa-and in spite of the great budget of 500,000 euro, and they still have some concerns: “This is one of the most expensive regions in the region. Homes and villas from 600,000 euros, and will be more and more, and even just to be sold on the basis of photographs. This is madness, huh! This is the most difficult challenge to date.”

For the Parking, and in Front there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and after months of waiting, they finally got to their new house in Lotenhulle. The couple did not want to deviate from the centre of Aalter, belgium, but didn’t do the convincing by someone, and Béa for their area and what to expand, and so on, where you have to get their money’s worth. “The location is more important than we may have thought in the beginning. It’s not insurmountable, but as an initial reaction, I guess I must be a little bit disappointed,” admits Mathias is increasing. And, because the adjustments have to be done in terms of location, they expect to now, but really, the interior design of their dreams. All the pressure is on Bart …