Waes offers a first of its kind in Today’s

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Tom Waes is soon to Danira was a guest in “Today”, and there is a good reason to do so. The presenter makes even a first take in the studio. What’s that? Will have to watch!

What is the state of Zeger Garré?
Photographer Zeger Garré, from Ghent, he warned us a couple of weeks ago from the hospital to the dangers posed by the virus. Today, he is once again alive and well. How’s it going with one of the first ‘corona ‘ faces’, and how does he go back to that bizarre week?

Not a kiss from the teacher
Musician, He soon after gave over the weekend to have a jam on twitter. He was angry at the onderwijsbonden who don’t want to get in the summer vacation of the teachers. How does He go with the flow of the comments, which he releases with his post?

And the Day Deborsu, there is also the whole of the night.

Of the thirty-fourth episode of the second season Today, as 22u20-on-one.