The public prosecutor’s office: a stir on the assisenproces God in Temse’

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On Tuesday, the fifth episode of The public prosecutor’s office, in the assize court in Ghent in the high-profile trial of the man accused of the murder of a cafébaas further. The jury will receive the report of the psychiatrist, and the slotpleidooien to hear from you. After that, it is up to them to discuss the question of guilt to deal with. When the jury, after a two-hour consultation in advance with the decision, it is clear not everyone is happy with what they get …

In new jersey will jeugdmagistrate As a difficult (for me). An under-age girl accuses her stepfather of rape. The man was arrested, but he denied everything.

Also, She gets to be a complicated zedendossier on the table, an under-age girl who claims she was abducted and gang-raped in a rendez-vous hotel. But it is consistent and her statement, however, the bewakingsbeelden of the city.

In Ghent, leading man, Hans the investigation of an international gang of thieves who are suspected of dozens of break-ins. Deputy in the Groin, will receive very many calls of domestic violence.

Episode 5 of The public prosecutor’s office on Tuesday, april 21, at 20.35 on the FOUR