On Tuesday at the Chateau, Meiland

d155c7bc8f40726dc372491b43ac6539 - On Tuesday at the Chateau, Meiland

Also, all of the family, Meiland, with the arrival of the housekeeper, Nadège, a lot of the lottery is drawn and the chaos has not decreased in the slightest. In addition to taking care of the guests needs or what has to be done.

Everything is pretty much ready for the new season, even in the rooms of the holiday, it seems at the time to stand up for the guests to enjoy. Now that the furniture is still there. Fortunately, shopping is the main hobby of the family. At the local flea market to find things, but the best stuff is right in front of their nose and grab. However, the greatest discovery, to do True on the internet. This is something that all of the plans are radically striving to…

In the mean time, Dutch have something new in mind, they would like to be in the fashion industry to conquer “and I’m inspired to think up my own clothing line”.
One: “Pants, trousers, you should leave it alone, always beautiful. Keep it for parts.”

The Chateau, Meiland, every Tuesday at 20.35 on the FIVE