And flemish publishers, and retailers are hoping to soon re-opening a bookstore

72243b1c36be36846327db06d6c92bd3 - And flemish publishers, and retailers are hoping to soon re-opening a bookstore

The boekensector it has been since the handle of the Covid 19 of our society has a hard time of it. That turned out to be from an earlier impact survey, which was carried out by the (see previous article). The GRP numbers in march were in line with the significant decrease of the publishers and the booksellers were afraid.

Retailers lost approximately 50% of the revenue. Also, entertainment, retail shops saw their turnover in march decreased by 40%. With the purchase of the books is turned, as might be expected, almost entirely to online sales channels, + 52%) and convenience stores (+17.5 percent). The general book fair, which has as a result in march compared with the same period of the previous year, a decline of 15 %. All of the boekengenres declined, with the exception of children’s books, where, in march, an increase of 4.3 % was recorded. Non-fiction books have had the most pronounced decline (- 34 %).

Since the required closing of their commercial building, some in local book stores, as their customer reach through online stores, supplies, and other original activities. The validity of book vouchers was to be extended by three months in order to it’s clients with the opportunity to defer the receipt at a later point in time, to the future. Using the ‘Spread the leesvirus”, ‘winkelhier, ” and ” for sale in the area, the Flemish, the consumer is made aware of the importance of the local business owners in the neighborhood to support it. Nevertheless, it appears that the digital divide – especially the foreign players, this is huge. As we see in the world of Showbiz Site, that you can massive books to buy and .