Residential care centres were in the grip of the coronacrisis

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On Monday, the 13th of april, the first 693.351 viewers (32.9% of the market share, VVA 18-54, with a live+delayed)), in which they are the Heroes Here Points to how it Has Her hospital and in her capacity of being. Even though the surge in the number of hospital admissions reached, it seems to be showing the episode now, on Monday the 20th of april at 21.45 how to get a new Pandora’s box is open and flies: the number of deaths in residential care centres was much higher than expected.

For the residents of the residential care centres is changing: they have to see their familiar caregivers and are now behind the suit and mask. A care-giver, Lisa is working on the COVID it is a sheltered housing centre in Wichelen. Lisa and her co-workers her friends awaken the woman Marceline. That is, 20 days in the hospital, and now want to really have to go back to her familiar room. The nurses can not even give an answer to that: they don’t know if they are the COVID department should be abandoned. At the senior home in Lubbeek inform the doctor, meanwhile, some of the figures in the schepencollege: 12 deaths, and 2 people who have palliative care.

Virologist is in order, Marc Van Ranst skypet with the King. Who is wondering about the vaccine that are being worked on at the Rega Institute. Professor’s Point, and his team are working hard in this area, and they will have the first results within. The vaccine will be necessary in order for the elderly to protect them against the virus and the measures to once again open up.