Louis Theroux: ‘the Joe Special was the trio’s jealousy,’ and there is no

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Louis Theroux: ‘the Joe Special was the trio’s jealousy,’and there is no

April 19, 2020 at 13:46
19-04-20 13:46
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Joe Exotic-the main character of the Netflix documentary of a Tiger, and King, to three, to ensure that their spouse is jealous, it would be. That, says journalist and documentary-maker Louis Theroux on Sunday in The Weekend Australian.

He was followed by the ‘tiger king’ in 2011 for his documentary film , America’s Most Dangerous Pets. As a result, he has a lot of information about the Exotic shorthair.

“In Tiger, the King , we can see that he is married, with two young men. Both are quite pretty, though it lacks one of them, John Finlay – what’s the teeth”, says He. “When I was Joe, was he in a relationship with John and a third man, Paul, who was somewhere in the twenties.”