Jettie Pallettie may, in Flanders, not anymore

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For the sake of the feline corona virus may be the Dutch artist Jettie Pallettie of the border with her lover in Flanders no longer be felt. Jettie boring, however, because it is back to starting to paint, writes for the Newspaper krant van West-Vlaanderen. About 20 years ago, it took the singer a few classes. In this coronaperiode decided that she would go back to the paint brush, grab, and apparently they are still at it. “There are creeps out a lot of the time, but since I have no lack of to have free time, I keep painting and painting. I’m going to try this one first paintings to sell. After that, I’m working on a new series of paintings, in case there is further interest,” said Jettie Pallettie-in for the interview. Jettie is a very handy lady, because, in addition to painting, she can be oh.a. also carpentry, sewing, knitting, crocheting, and cooking.

Jettie Pallettie in Flanders is very popular. She has been living in the Netherlands with Tilburg university and the in Flanders to dozens of shows. Her partner lives in Sint-Niklaas, and is also fanstand-responsible Selling and Greta, live in the Flanders, Roeselare.