In the winter, sit on a hot coal in the for the Love of Music

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1 in a million, and that’s the key word, for the Love of Music. The first of the three episodes were later reviewed by more than 1 million viewers. And also, the covers are know to Flanders, in addition to the display itself. The song ” Come a little closer’ by Regi ft. Jake and Reese & O, it was already more than 1 million views on Youtube and more than 1 million streams on Spotify. It was last week’s most played song on the Flemish radio station. Now, on Monday, april 20, at 20.35, sitting in the winter itself, on the hot coals, when of his hits, for what it is. “Where are those hands by the way, is a phrase that I would never have done that, though, I would have expected, however, that, to put it on my tombstone it will read” smile in the winter.

25% of the Arena sell out, and more than 30 Top 10 hits in the Flanders Region, has no kind of introduction is necessary. Both at home and abroad, he is a welcome guest. His success started with “La Vache” of Milk Inc. As a producer he has worked with an endless list of artists, and as a DJ and he coloured on many a festival, Rock Werchter festival to Festival. In the winter, scored his first no. 1 as a solo artist, Where Did You Go (Summer of Love). And hit, take, Karen Damen, this time on their hands. “I’ve got a whole lot of nerve, don’t know the number, but the idea behind it,” says Karen.

In 2018, has scored in the winter have been the biggest hit so far with the feel good track, as well As a tribute to his eldest daughter. The song is not only popular with the general public, it has proved to be the most popular song among the musicians. It’s Tom, and Kato from The Starlings that have the honor of getting to be the number to edit it. Tom does this with his guitar in one hand, and Kato, creeps in this new release for yourself at the piano.
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When it Hazes on the turn, hoping in the winter to sneak that in as one of his dances have traded it for an ‘schlager’. It is certainly very, very nervous about to be his version of ” When it comes to Love, and to bring it. The needs of the Region be completed?

After the emotional song, André Hazes, last week presented to his late father, also Beyond Thomas, as a tribute to his late musical brother, Wim Claes. He was dressed in the song, Feel the Love that is Beyond, along with Regi and Stan Van Samang wrote out all the way. And also Peter’s Mum’s Jacket, opt for a a number of Region-and Stan Van Samang: Hang On. “The prince of the word, and put the original lyrics in order to have a Dutch version with the title ‘Why not?’.