Who is still married? Who’s going to be from each other?

ed5e6d7c3061b9118cb88212e50c7df2 - Who is still married? Who's going to be from each other?

More than 1 million viewers have discovered over the past week, that is Tati, and Lothar decided to part on good terms and to deal. On Sunday, the 19th of april for three of the couples at the end of the Blind is Married to the beast. At the end of seven weeks they make their last few moments together, though, the story, and then, of course, did not stop. The question is: who’s left once the cameras are gone?

Now, it has still a lot of questions that he and Laura would say, but he could be hard on his feelings. During their last lunch together, it is a good time, and picks up his courage.

Christopher and Nick, they are one of the public favorites in all of the supporterende the fans at home. It is clear that there is a great chemistry between the two, and that they enjoy each other’s company. A physical, then there is no along by His side. It Is a breaking point, seven weeks after they married? Will be a decision for the duo, there is however truly?

Let us face it, among the Best, and Winnie the pooh, it does not appear in person to be able to do. Unless it’s second-to-last episode is a surprise, is taking care of.

Blind-Married, on Sunday at 19.55 on tv.